Robert Clegg

Welcome to the Robert Clegg profile page. Find out about Rob Clegg’s history of rowing and boat race activities on over past 35 years, his career as a consultant, entreprenuer, founding a business that ended up on the NYSE and listing for $2.5bn, the experiences of raising funding, building a business, moving on, the politics involved, contrast that with time in a huge multinational like HSBC, my interests in the world and environment, sports and activities. Robert Clegg has a special interest in (Tech) start ups, growing businesses, solving problems/pushing through issues, team building, getting things done in difficult environments, are all work related. Outside of that rowing and umpiring is probably the main area of interest. I also participate in any sport activity, stay pretty super fit and want to race in adventure races and the like. I also have really taken an interest in bettering oneself and taking care of oneself through all the areas of mindfulness, physical fitness, meditation, yoga/pilates. Id like to do more on this and explore more. I am also embarking on a Yacht masters course having sailed extensively.